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Welcome to HPP Botswana

HPP envisions a well informed and equipped community with capacity to liberate itself from all forms of dehumanizing ills of society to be able to foster their own development
HPP was formed to implement projects to empower people with tools, knowledge and skills to foster own development in their own families, communities and the nation

Humana People to People Botswana is a non-profit making organisation that has worked to spread Solidary Humanism and promote People to People actions in the fight for development in the past 15 years in Botswana. Development is the process in which we engage ourselves as people joining with other people, overcoming challenges and creating progress. Each step brings a hundred more issues to deal with, but when people organise themselves together, they get courage to create visions and go for them.

We work within programs

Humana People to People works alongside communities across the country to overcome the pressing issues that they face: health, rural development, education and environment. Humana People to People has developed specific programs in each of these areas. Programs are constantly developed and adapted, including fighting with the poor, women’s economic empowerment, fighting HIV and AIDS, nutrition, conservation agriculture, teacher training.

For example: HPP initiated the program Total Community Mobilization (TCM/ TCE). TCM was conducted mainly through door-to-door outreach by dedicated Field Officers and community volunteers to increase awareness of HIV and AIDS, decrease stigma and discrimination, form supporting structures, help people to get tested and understand the functions ARVs. The three years’ campaign reached all corners of society to about half of the Botswana population from 2001 to 2005. This was a frontrunner for the government to scale up ARV treatment.

We operate with proojects and project leaders

Each of the districts where we work have a HPP project that defines the geographical area and the people involved in the action. A project has a project leader who stays and works in the area together with the people. The program is adapted to fit the problem to be solved on a continuous basis with inputs and inclusion of all the people involved. More staff might be there but a lot of volunteers connect themselves to the project.

We work in partnership with many

Humana People to People works in close cooperation with government, small and big organisations and private businesses where HPP also contribute to the development discussions.

Where we are

HPP worked during 2015 face to face with about 75, 000 people in 9 projects in the following 11 districts and sub districts in Botswana: Tutume, Francistown, Selibe Phikwe, Palapye, Kweneng East, South East, Goodhope, Southern and Mabutsane, Ghanzi town and Charles Hill village.


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