Get Involved

Be a Volunteer

If you live in one of the areas where one of the projects is located you can be involved as a volunteer.
Contact the project leader at the nearest project and discuss how you can contribute.

Give a donation or become a Partner in Development

You can contribute with donations in cash or kind. You can do that by either contact the project leader in the nearest project or the National Partnership Office, if you are interested in establishing
a more long term partnership with the organization.

Partner with us

We at HPPI are underpinned by the belief that partnering is a key development mechanism for creating a sustainable world. Partnership in development sector is built on the understanding that progress and development must be created FROM PEOPLE TO PEOPLE. The driving force will always be the people involved in the issue at hand.
After 15 years of development work HPP Botswana has had the opportunity of working with cross-sectional development partners like government departments, local interest groups, civil society, individual activists and philanthropists who work hand in hand with various communities surviving in dehumanizing circumstances. A collaborative trio of funding partner, implementation partner and beneficiary is thus established.
The endeavour is to build partnerships that advance inclusive and cross sectional development. Corporates can align their support to assist projects which allows them to witness direct impact of their efforts on marginalized people. We also work with employee engagement schemes to maximise the impact of partnerships.
For partnership opportunities:
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You can also contact the Humana People to People Country Director
Mr. Moses J. Zulu
Telephone +267-3913650
Mobile No +267-71736019

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