Taung Village about CATCH Approach

I am a lady of 48 years of age, living in Taung Village in South East District. I heard about the CATCH approach last year November 2015 through the community mobiliser Mr Garetshele from HOPE Humana. Mr Garetshele visited households and is presenting about the CATCH approach. This is interesting because he was talking about zero infections in the community. I was one of the community members who has attended the dream building session at the kgotla, where we were asked to come with our community concerns and the following was brought forward: Alcohol, HIV and crime and this has opened my mind and I am in a position to come with solutions to problem I encounter.
I really like the CATCH approach because it involves, engages all the community members. CATCH is a good approach, a good community mobilization strategy that builds the community. I would say, through intensive education the community have improved the way they used to handle concerns and this will help us to stop the dependence syndrome of the government. People are now free to test for HIV and are free to talk about their HIV status. I really applaud the community facilitators and Humana People to People staff for the good work. I also would also like to thank Kgosi Ramolefe for encouraging people in the community to attend the kgotla meetings during dream building session.

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