Savings groups improved my life

GROW-group-phikweMy name is Maikano of Maiteko a Bomme Savings group (not her real name). I joined the group on the 11th May 2014. Before I joined, I was living at the cattle post that side of Botshabelo and my children go to school in Botshabelo. They walk a long distance. They ended up not going to school anymore because of the distance they travel to get there and back. One day we made an activity as Maiteko a Bomme group and we invited the Matshelo savings group. We work with this group mostly during our activities. During discussions on social issues I told the other members that I have a challenge of my children refusing to go to school because of long distances. We discussed the issue on how we can bring them to Botshabelo to shorten their distance. The group members agreed to discuss the issue with my sister, who is staying in Botshabelo, whom I was afraid to talk to. I believed that she will not agree. They talked to my sister and she simply agreed. After that they called my 4 children and talked to them. They gave them counselling and the children agreed to go back to school.
Some group members meet every Friday with my children to see how they are doing in school and how they are performing.  As I speak my children are at school and they are doing very fine. I thank the group members for helping me with my children.
The other thing is that in our group we contribute P50-00 each weekly. As of now we all have a small business – tuck shops. The money we contribute ads up to P500 every month and we give loans to each other to start up or pick up their business. This has improved our tuck shops as we can afford to buy stock with that money and our businesses grow. Child Aid and the group have really improved my life socially and economically.”

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