A disabled child in Phikwe

I am a woman and mother of a girl child living with disability. One day I visited the Social and Community Development office to seek registration for her for assessment so that they can refer her to SOS children home. The S&CD office took long to attend to my child’s case. My child is deaf and she cannot do anything for herself. Her health status is at risk because she is picking food to eat from the dust bins. One day, I was visited by the savings group and they asked me how the girl is doing and how they can be of assistance.
During the savings group visit they advised me on how to take good care of her looking at her current situation. After some time, they made a follow up and brought her some stuff and to my surprise they brought her box full of goods such as blankets, food and toiletry. I was so happy because I realised that people from the community were concerned about my child. The group visits her regularly to check on her accompanied by the social workers. They advised me to protect her from dangerous men who abuses young girls more especially those living with disabilities. They have also advised me to monitor her monthly periods. I am also thankful to the GROW program which assisted my family and I am now stress free.”

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