“I am a lady of 49 years of age. I am a single mother doing piece jobs to earn a living for me and of my family. I have three children and I am HIV positive. At first I did not accept this status because of the fact that I was scared that I will die and leave my children suffering. There will be no one to take care of them. In 2013 I met a Child Aid Area leader and she provided counselling. I finally accepted my situation. We also discussed about positive living as that’s how I can live long with the HIV virus. And also, when my child failed at school, Child Aid project continued to advise. This year my child was admitted at Construction Industry Training centre. The area leader came to me and talked to me about the savings groups and I joined”. Also the GROW members helped and motivated me until my life came better. I thank the Child Aid people a lot because without them I could not manage anything at all. I encourage you to keep on doing that good job.”

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