I am a lady of 37 years of age, living in Selebi-Phikwe. I heard about the savings group in 2014, got interested and decided to join the group of Motsewabadiri savings group. The first time when I started going to the savings group my intention was to save up and borrow money, when I have a problem and also discussing about the issues affecting us in our homes. In my first attendance I met all the women of the savings group and also Morula and Botekanelo savings groups.
It was at the third time attending meetings in the savings group, we were discussing such issues of domestic violence. Most of the members had ideas and were willing to assist, so they encouraged me to talk about how I am abused and at last I spoke out. But by the time I was staying with a man in the house, who didn’t marry me and was pregnant with a child, and he was not allowing me to talk to people. He was abusing me sexually and also locking me inside the house, so that I may not talk with anyone. Today everything is different, everything has changed.

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