Interview with chief Obusitswe Baker Solomon in Kanye

interview-news2016HOPE Humana Kanye is producing a short film and therefore went to interview the chief on his opinion and recommendation to this HIV testing project.
He said: The Humana HIV Home Based testing is a good initiative, as you know that going into a persons’ home, and talking to them in private about their health status, shows respect and confidentiality assurance which allows the person to freely open up during the discussions because they feel safe at their own home. As what we want to get at the end of the discussion is the overall health status of the person so that we can assist through referring to the relevant people if you are HIV positive.
The initiative is good and important in the sense that people shy away from being seen by other community members at health posts taking medication, and since with the home based testing everything is done at home, people accept their status easily hence everything is done at their own comfort zone.
What I like about Humana is that they normally come back to check on you as the patient and your progress, and how you feel if enrolled on the medication, how the medication is treating you and if there are any side effects. And they promise confidentiality between the patient, Humana and the doctor that they are being referred to and advise the patient to take and listen to their messages and advises so that he/she can live longer.
What I like most about Humana’s initiative is that they don’t talk and test you then go forever, they always come back to visit youand give motivation on life after the diagnose.

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