A new Humana office launched in Ramokgwebana

Residents from Ramokgwebana village and surrounding villages in the North East District of Botswana, came out in large numbers to celebrate the opening of a new Humana People to People project office when it was officially opened in October 2017. The office would serve as one of the two mobile teams under the Malaria E8 program operating in North East and Bobirwa Districts, and will consist of a mobile tent with a Nurse and Community Health Workers to carry out malaria tests and treatment in the village and its surroundings.

Humana Launches HOPE

Humana Launches HOPE

Humana Launches HOPE

Humana Launches HOPE

At the official opening of the office, Deputy Country Director of Humana, Ms. Shana Kebonang, described the Humana People to People as an institution for the community and therefore resolved to support and serve the public with dedication to ensure that there was no threat to their health, especially in the matter of malaria. Ms. Kebonang shared that in their home testing visits, they do not just provide malaria services, but also helped to solve some of the different challenges faced in the home visited.

The event was officially opened by Dr. Dominique Mukengeshayi, Senior healthcare officer in the North West district, who said that they would be assisting with the supplementary eradication of malaria in the region. He called on the nation join the fight against Malaria, and that it should not be a job left to Humana.

District Councillor Hon. Alfred Phikisani Makgetho said they were very blessed as a community to have an organization like Humana People to People open an office in their village, and said this made it possible to have other developments coming their way, once other institutions realize they can follow in Humana’s example. He thanked the residents for having provided a house for the office, adding that the residents will now have direct access to the services provided by the organization because it is located in their community. He urged the community to fully utilize the services provided for them.
VDC Vice Chairperson, Mrs. Ellen Machola noted that along with services, Humana brings along information and education for the community. “We are being educated, and as we are educated we become an informed community. We are given the knowledge so we can then use it to make informed decisions about our lives.” She thanked the leadership from surrounding villages for attending the event, saying that this is how they get to learn from each other and exchange ideas to serve their communities.

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