Mabutsane Economic Strengthening Group

GROW savings group MabutsaneMabutsane Economic Strengthening group (ES) is comprised of 7 women who started recycling of paper to make crafts and ear rings and jam production using melons. They  are sell their finished products to the community members and they have collaborated with S&CD for the group to be part of district market day activities where they can sell and showcase their products.
The group coordinator had a meeting with district social and community development office to request support for the group through government alternative package, they were then assessed to find out if they qualified for assistance. The good news is that they met the minimum requirements.

The group was later funded at the beginning of February 2015 which included cooking equipment’s for them to scale up the jam production. They worked on the project start and registration of business through the assistance of Department of Community Development until the stage of production. So far, the group has been sustainable all along through common savings.

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