Alcohol and substance abuse

Tumelo is a 32 years old man (not the real name) that I met in the field on one of my day to day work. During our discussions together on alcohol and drug abuse, he confessed that he is using alcohol at a high rate and he is also addicted to smoking dagga, which has since affected his studies and his parents at home.
We started having discussion about this, but he was acting as if he is no longer cared for his life and his studies. After referring him to the social worker for further assessment, I checked him two times every week for three weeks. It seemed at the third week that something had been clicking in his mind, even though behaviour and attitude change comes with time, he was much better. I continued visiting and talking to him and his parents to help him take good decisions in the process. He was now willing to change, as he was also going for appointments with the social worker.
After a month, when I checked him, he was sober and promising to take his studies serious. He was at a teacher training college, and his lectures confirmed to the social worker that he was better. He said he was only drinking because of the peer pressure that he encountered at school and now he wanted me to meet his friends so that we discuss about issues like alcohol and drug abuse. As we speak, he joined an out of school youth club in his ward for anti-alcohol and substance abuse, as a way of helping others to change for the better in future.

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