The Child Aid Program

CA-logoHumana Child Aid provides a holistic approach to community development by including all people involved in the matter at hand. Child Aid builds the capacity of families and their communities to work towards the common goal of improving their children’s lives. The program is all inclusive and recognizes that in order to nurture children successfully, the entire community must be strengthened.
Families are brought together to address a range of community development issues, including health and sanitation, income generation, education, district development, environment as well as care and safety, food security and greater opportunities for children.
People organise themselves in groups, committees or other community structures. These provide a forum to for discussions, for identifying problems, take advantage of existing knowledge and to find and implement solutions together. The families are equipped with more skills and knowledge for taking the responsibility for developing their community.
The core objective of all Child Aid initiatives is that children must thrive, grow up healthy, and have access to sufficient food, education, protection and care. All parents wish to create such conditions for their children, but many do not manage. The projects secure the active involvement of institutions like schools, clinics and government structures.

The CHILD AID 10 lines of development:
Line 1: Strengthening the economy of the families
Line 2: Health and Hygiene – hereunder the fight against HIV and AIDS
Line 3: Pre-schools
Line 4: Children as active in the political, social, cultural and economic spheres of society
Line 5: Children without parents
Line 6: Education
Line 7: District development                                         
Line 8: Environment
Line 9: Crime Prevention            
Line 10: Advocacy against Child labour

Children themselves are heavily involved in Child Aid projects, not just as beneficiaries, but also as participants. By taking part in the Child Aid activities, the children learn that they can act to improve their situation and understand the fact that what they do matters.
The Groups (of any kind) plans the implementation of the 10 lines in their group and the Group coordinators are trained by the project in the area to prepare for the lessons in the groups. This structure builds long term development, and is good for any funder to finance for any community intervention.

The Child Aid structure

.The Child Aid Structure

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