Humana People To People Botswana has built a solid background on community mobilization on the fight against the epidemics and has placed the people at the center. Over the years, Humana People to People Botswana has systematically engaged people in communities to fight against HIV and AIDS anchored around the idea that “Only the people can liberate themselves from AIDS the pandemic.

Through the support of FHI360, our health program in Kweneng East and Francistown has been actively involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS to help the country reach an ambitious treatment target of the UNAIDS 95-95-95 strategy through its HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support program to end the AIDS epidemic by 2030. It is imperative that treatment must be paired with innovative and relevant prevention efforts and support for treatment adherence.

The project staff and volunteers mobilized the community around the project catchment area and reached them with different health services. People were provided with HIV and TB screening and those who tested positive were referred to a health facility and linked to treatment. The project mobilized 13,426 people for HIV testing of which 9,258 people tested for HIV.


Utilization of community based services increased, as well as the uptake of improved linkages to care, adherence to anti-retroviral therapy (ART) and tuberculosis (TB) drugs, and retention in care. The project ensured that it deliberately targeted the most vulnerable groups, women and adolescent girls as well as youth and men to increase the uptake of services. Women and adolescent girls were reached with gender norms messages to reduce the impact of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) through GBV post care services.

The project strengthened community systems to ensure sustainability. An increase in the uptake of services has improved, an increased number of men are using health services and the community support through the use of Community Adherence Groups (CAGs). HOPE Humana 90-90-90 in Kweneng East and Francistown reached 67,712 people. Household vis-its and community gatherings in public places were conducted as a way of making people aware of the importance of knowing their HIV and TB status. It was during such activities that people were mo-bilized, tested for HIV and TB and linked to care.

A scematic illustration showing how the HOPE Program works


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