family planning challanges

In one of the savings group in Mabutsane sub district, there was a lady of 32 years who has eight children, four boys and four girls. The discussion was very open since they all agreed that whatever is discussed in their meeting its confidential. One member asked the lady if she knew about family planning methods. She answered by saying that her husband doesn’t want her to use it. To her it was very clear that she was talking about condom though others were talking about different methods of family planning. And one of the members asked “tota mme wena o dirwa ke eng go tshola thata jaana? Meaning what really made her to have so many children. She did not answer. After a while another member said “ Gare mme kana tramisine e hona clinikin  nna iya gkare ke bona go ya go sele gka ya go I itchela’’. [In sekgalagadi tone] Meaning that there are methods of preventing pregnancy that she can go for like injection and others at the health facility. She replied by saying:”gare motcho yo ong ha bate bilo ze biyong” [in sekgalagadi tone], meaning the partner is not interested in family planning methods. He becomes very angry when the woman tries to talk about family planning methods he will say: ’’Lla wa simolola go ratja hakere, o bata go ntjaola’’ it means you want to cheat and control me.

During the discussion one of the findings was that the couple were both jealous of each other, e.g. when the woman wants to use condom for protection during sexual intercourse his partner will think she is sleeping with other men, and the woman also she was doing the same thing to him of which they were accusing each other of cheating.
Group members advised her that life is tough especially when you are poor and you have so many children that you cannot even afford take good care of them. They advised her to sit down with her partner to discuss about family planning when he is in a good mood, so that she can also tell him that it can be risky to her health by having so many children. One day he will listen and take action. The following week during the meeting she gave a testimony that they have talked about the issues and they agreed to visit the clinic where they were counselled by a Health Education Assistant (HEA), she was registered for family planning and she took the injection. The couple was advised to always visit the clinic for supportive counselling. She was very happy and thanked the group members for advising her on family planning.

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