Nutrition through Food Gardens

Picture: Garden in Radisele, Palapye sub districtAll HPP projects promote and assist families to establish community, school as well as back yard food gardens.
These results in close to 500 food gardens developed and started per year, mostly in vulnerable families. HPP has assistance from Ministry of Agriculture with courses and seeds. The main constrain for most households is that water is expensive to buy.
An example from HOPE Humana South East:
They report: “The HOPE Humana South East project has identified families for establishment of backyard gardens. About 12 backyard gardens have been established so far. Backyard gardens are used to strengthen families economically through selling vegetables and using vegetables as nutritious food. The project has also worked with Department of Forestry and Range Resources to establish a model garden at South East clinic. The clinic is used by the community to learn on how to start up small backyard garden in their households.


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