The HOPE Humana Program

HOPE Humana is a project to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS and to offer care and support to those affected.  The projects play an important role in reigniting the quality of life where human dignity has been thwarted, bringing hope, standing in solidarity with the infected and the affected. HOPE Humana establishes a centre in the community as the base for actions, community mobilization and house-to house visits to work towards preventing new HIV infections and to support the people affected. From the HOPE Centre, the project operates in three elements: Health Services including Voluntary Counselling and Testing, Outreach Programs and Opinion Forming Activities. Each activity in HOPE becomes effective when it is giving health services, pushing for behaviour change and reaching people in their community. The three elements cannot work without each other. For example: Condom distribution is a health service, discussions are there to change condom use behaviour and Outreach distribution through condom is needed. Each HOPE Humana seeks address to people’s local needs. Below chart mentions many of the activities under each element:

A scematic illustration showing how the HOPE Program works

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