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HOPE Humana results in numbers

HOPE Humana is a community based program which gives people strategies to prevent HIV infection, live positively and become commonly organized. It reaches out to the people in deepest need, using a people to people strategy to fight shoulder to shoulder with the poor. The purpose is to create decent lives for people already infected. The program activities and interventions complement Government efforts to reach out to all with services and efforts to secure infection control.
The seven districts of HOPE Humana have achieved the following verified results from January to mid June 2017:


The country still has the world’s third highest prevalence, estimated at 18.5% by the Botswana AIDS Impact Survey (BAIS IV), released in 2014. One in five in Botswana is HIV positive. The burden of infection remains titled heavily towards women and girls. The adjusted HIV incidence rate was 1.35%, down from 1.45% in previous BIAS III. The age group hardest hit are the people between 31 and 49 years of age. 41% are infected. This figure is high also because people survive longer due to the anti-retroviral treatment. The 15-24 years of age have managed to keep infection rate to 8%. But the trend is increasing. 35% of the population do not know their HIV status.
HOPE Humana activities are implemented according to the three elements of HOPE: Health Services, Opinion forming activities and Outreach activities. Persons who are taking action of these three elements will be able to take control of HIV and TB and live a good productive life.

HOPE Humana program has worked in the following most HIV/AIDS hard hit districts:
1. Francistown
2. Palapye
3. Kweneng East
4. South East
5. Mabutsane
6. Goodhope
7. Southern


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