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health hometesting2“Through the engagement of every single person, cooperation with existing infrastructures and the community at large, HOPE Humana forges crucial links with government interventions at national and local level”

Huge progress has been made in the fight against major diseases such as HIV and AIDS and TB over the past 30 years.

Thanks to all the advances made in understanding, treating and preventing the disease, Botswana was the first country in the region to offer free universal ART to people living with HIV. Today, 89% of people who are HIV positive are on treatment. Botswana is facing 9, 500 new HIV infections every year, and a steep rise in lifestyle diseases.

Humana People to People Botswana believes that each and every individual is responsible for his or her own health. However, we acknowledge that the challenges for some communities to carry that responsibility are huge.

During the year 2019, we continued the fight to gaining total control of HIV and AIDS pandemic, fighting the spread of TB, Non Communicable Diseases and elimination of Malaria.


  • 67,712 People directly reached through HOPE Humana 90-90-90
  • 117,915 Condoms distributed through HOPE CATCH
  • 310 Households reached with health conversations HOPE Humana Kanye

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